About the Brand

Summer..June..New Orleans..This is the backdrop of where a collision between dream and reality came to produce Space Broccoli™ featuring the Tunes. 

      About/Backstory: It all started.....I always wanted my own charcter/logo but I could never come up with anything, same idea with clothes wanting to do my own thing but no idea was sparked for me. Months later in the fall of 2009 I entered college, my second week I was introduced to the Tunes (now about 16 people). That had to be the best thing to happen for me, they're my friends/brothers/family. One day in the dorm room I saw Herb's "tunechi" character, the Tunes mascot, and somebody  said "we should get shirts made"  from there I took full initiative to make our first batch of Tune sweatshirts. After wearing them all together at homecoming people asked about them a lot. Mike made us a facebook page and got us a nice little following. Then I began coming up with shirt designs for fun and finally created my character. I felt "the Tunes" wasnt really a unique enough brand name, soon after I stumbled upon creating the phrase "SpaceBroccoli," from here I'll tell you how that happened

The naming of Space Broccoli feat. the Tunes:

  •      Here's the Space Broccoli part-Even though I, like many other people, dont like broccoli, so it is normal to wonder why this name...why not space strawberries or something right? Well, I have friends that participate in extracurricular herbal activities, and I, the one known as not being a regular participant, would go over to Ground Zero and ask "Where's the Tropicana Orange Diesel?" or "Where's the Kush Berry Muffin?" "Where's the green Pokemon?"...etc until one day I said "where's the Space Broccoli?". After I said that one I was like, that ish was cole.
  •    Featuring the Tunes- As I said I didn't feel as though the Tunes was unique enough for a brand name and it didn't sound like something I would say I'm wearing, "I got on a Tunes shirt?" Nah. But, I was also uncomfortable just calling the brand Space Broccoli, like how could I forget about my team the tunes? That's messed up. The complete name was inspired by the musical band and artist Maze feat. Frankie Beverly, since I've listened to them growing up here in New Orleans, where they perform at Essence Music Festival. From that spawned Space Broccoli featuring the Tunes... space broccoli  first because its the more unique part and most likely what people will refer to it as, just like they say Maze(usually thinking its the singer)...featuring the tunes is second even tho they are the main stars just like Frankie Beverly.